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Free 1000 High Quality Edu Backlinks. Backlinking has been our way of life. For most internet marketer, backlinks is a familiar term. Whether you’re an IM veteran or a newbie that is just starting to find money online, you will need to do some backlinking ultimately.

In simple term, backlinking is a process to put our link with our anchor text on other people’s site. Free High Quality Edu Backlinks. The link is then pointed to our own site, in hope that our site get more credibility and authority in Google’s eyes.

Although this process seems very simple, may people like to complicate this things. Moreover, most of internet marketers simply do many mistakes when doing backlinks campaign for their site or product. This mistake can have various effect, from ineffective and money-wasting backlink campaign, to penalized by Google in Sandbox.

Learn the five most common mistake in backlinking, so you can be safe from any search engine penalty.

  • First, the most common mistake in doing backlink is not paying attention to your backlinking campaign velocity. Free High Quality Edu Backlinks. To be looked natural by search engine, you have to do backlinking consistently and without rush. It’s not a good practice to have one blast of 10000 backlinks only once a month. With this practice, soon you can see your site being penalized by search engine.
  • The second common mistake is people tend to do one-time backlinking campaign with fantastic amount of backlinks. They call it “backlink blast”, sometimes with 10000 or even 100000 backlinks to your site. This amount is ridiculous! You should never ever tried to blast your site with 10000 backlinks at a time, as this will easily lead your site to being sandboxed by Google.
  • The third mistake is getting backlink from low quality and Google-unfriendly neighbor. This includes getting backlinks from gambling sites, porn sites, and other illegal sites. If Google sees you have those kind of backlinks, then those links will not be counted, and worse, you can also get penalty by search engine.
  • Fourth mistake is to not have diversification of backlink sources. Google loves diversification of links, and if Google sees you only have backlinks from blog comment, then he will think your backlinks are not natural and does not count the backlinks or worse, penalize your site.
  • The last common mistake is to not utilitize .EDU or .GOV backlinks. As you may read in our other articles, .EDU and .GOV sites have their own power and value, they don’t depend on Google. Having backlinks from those sites increases your credibility and authority in Google eyes and keep your site away from any penalty. Free High Quality Edu Backlinks.

  • Part I   : 1000 High Quality Edu Backlinks
  • Part II  : 1000 High Authority Edu, Gov, Wiki Backlinks

Boost Your Trust Rank with .EDU Backlinks

There is no doubt that .EDU links with your anchor text keywords and URL can boost your SERPs on Google - almost overnight!

This is one technique that has been tried and tested by the gurus and that is working time and time again, in every niche under the sun. Free High Quality Edu Backlinks.

The fact is that Google cannot avoid giving you high link juice and superb trust rank for each and every backlink you have on an .EDU domain that points to your main landing page.

This is working very well even after the Panda update. Free High Quality Edu Backlinks. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to gain ranking instantly on Google for your landing page and choice of your keywords!

However, this technique of getting your own site backlinks on these .EDU sites may not last forever, as registered Universities and Institutes may stop new members to access the forums over time.

So, if you are thinking of getting .EDU backlinks - do not wait! Free High Quality Edu Backlinks.

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  • Improves rankings on search engines (with quality backlinks)
  • Increases web traffic – quality traffic from relevant websites.
  • Spreads the word on content information – increased awareness on your website’s contents.
  • Establishes a website’s credibility and reputation – high quality backlinks can help establish your website as a valuable and trustworthy one.
  • Builds relationships – with website (source of backlinks) owners and visitors of those websites.
  • Increases sales – traffic in higher quantity and quality helps to increase your sale

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